A Word From POSCO's COO

We want to redefine how investments are done. Through our platform, any person can get access to investment opportunities only VCs get. In industries like Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, large commodities & Forex trade deals, AI/ML startups any member can invest with us and become a part of the technology revolution generating 100 times returns.

Vision & Mission

Our belief is that action and risk appetite is what differentiates winners from the crowd. We want our member community to be a part of the next wave of big investment opportunities.

Imagine if someone had given you an option of investing in Facebook, Google when they started or Bitcoin when it was launched. We want to bring that kind of life-changing investment opportunities for our community.

Our own products also operate in a space which the global audience desires and demands. We are building a rocket and we have just started.


The Founders

Katsu Jezisuki (CEO)

Chan Sia (COO)

Diago Nakamura (CTO)

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